Microsoft Hololens and Sketchup

So I saw a video on Microsoft’s page showcasing what their hololens capabilities might look like and caught a peek at a Sketchup window open with their sample model. I guess Trimble is collaborating with Microsoft on developing this and pretty excited that its Sketchup and not anything autodesk!

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This! Was! Fantastic! I think I’ve seen this video before but I’ve completely forgotten it. There’s just one emotion when I saw SketchUp on the computer screen - pride.
Here’s a direct link to the video on YouTube:

P.S. Does anyone know if it’s possible to make a video clip similar to the opening of the HoloLens video above? That “blueprint” effect and all. I’m thinking a Hidden Line X-Ray animation export with SketchUp for a start.

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Lines set to cyan, X-ray with black back ground and no sky?

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This looks very promising! Thank you. I’ll try something similar. :thumbsup:

You could also make a blue print style to use in the model.

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Did you use a texture image for the background? I used to use the Watermark feature to apply a gradient background in the past but it slowed the modeling down a lot. If it’s a texture, I believe you used the same technique, right?

I used an image to create a watermark for that style. I wouldn’t normally use a watermark for a background like this these days because I think you can get a better quality result by combining the background image in an image editor and it is so easy to do. Watermarks are great for many things, though.

I would never use a watermark or special style such as the sketchy ones while modeling. Save those sorts of things for making the image exports but do your modeling with simple styles.

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Introducing SketchUp Viewer on Microsoft HoloLens

Here’s the Windows Store entry, should you have HoloLens and $1500 ready:

Just the Hololens is $3k!
Buy Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition - Microsoft Store

I was looking at a BestBuy flier and noticed this…

I was under the impression that the MR thing was still at prototype stage!

Is anyone actually using it?

People, I think I goofed -

I saw the Hololens extension when I was downloading all my old extensions into Sketchup Pro 2018, and I got really excited… so I went out and bought the best AR headset available, which seems to Meta 2 … and then see that the AR SketchUp tools only will work on Hololens.

I literally just ordered the Meta 2 15 minutes ago, but before I do anything rash like cancel the order, does anyone know if the AR tools from SketchUp will be able to work on the Meta 2??? Because it’s half the price of Hololens, and it seems much better suited to a drafting/workstation setup.

There are a couple of possible difficulties for you. One is that the Meta 2 sample code is for Unity, and another tool (forgot the name of it), I don’t think there is any software to make it work with SketchUp.

I should mention by the way that I already have a Meta 2 headset. I preordered it about 22 months ago, and have copies of emails that tell me that even with some delays they still hoped to ship units before the end of 2016. In the end my one came just before Christmas.

The bigger problem is that they only plan on doing Windows software, at least for now. I have tried using it with Parallels, but alas even though I get a picture on its screen, via HDMI, the setup program tells me to try using a different HDMI port. My MacBook Pro only has one HDMI. I’ve asked in their forum if it’s possible to bypass the HDMI check, seeing as it was clearly working ok. Didn’t get an answer about that yet.

I know someone who was on the Meta 2 team, but Microsoft hired him to work on Hololens. I have a vague recollection about having asked about SketchUp, but I can’t fully remember what he said.

Anyway, maybe someone on the SketchUp team can tell us if they are working on Meta 2. Presumably if they are going to support it we would have to pay $1500 for the special version of SketchUp.

I’ll let you know if I make progress with my one.

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like there is a lot of backend work to be done both on SketchUp’s and Meta’s behalf. I’m sure it will get there in the end, and probably sooner than anyone imagines based on the media hype: “2018 is the year of AR…”

That said, are you happy with the Meta 2? I would consider getting the Hololens, but 1) the price is off-putting, and 2) while the SketchUp AR demonstration videos are compelling, it seems more like a presentation novelty than a workflow boon.

Last question, I have been imagining that the best possible use of AR in the case of SketchUp might be a workstation tool, with model manipulation still based heavily on mouse and keyboard. My guess is that the Kinect-style gestural manipulation of the Hololens is still a long way from being a robust control interface for production modeling. Hence, the Meta 2 seems much better suited to this paradigm, being higher res and tethered… maybe worth hanging on to for when the support is initiated?

Ok, really last question - does Trimble participate in these discussion threads? I’m new to the forum, but I would love to be a part of some beta testing program if there is one…