Virtual/Augmented Reality

Ive been using sketch up for a couple of years now and i love how intuitive it is to model and create 3d objects. As an owner of an oculus rift with touch controllers i was thinking how amazing it would be to apply thr inference system that sketch up uses in vr.

funny thing is google released Blocks today for all major vr platforms for free and it is on the right track . Poly was shut down on June 30, 2021. - Poly Help

funny part is didnt google create sketchup before trimble bought it… ?

seems like you guys should be on this vr train quick before it leaves the station.

with microsoft releasing aufmented reality soon i can onky imagine how cool using sketchup would be with a life size 3d model in your living room or on your dezk tbat you could walk around while pushing and pulling surfaces in 3d at 1:1 scale.

anyway i created this topic to perhaps spur some interest in whT seems like a no brainer to me. would love to hear if Trimble is looking to the future for sketchup. The future is now…

No. Where did you get that idea? Google bough SketchUp from @Last Software. They didn’t create it.

Read: SketchUp - Wikipedia

There have been VR connections for SketchUp for a long time.

i don’t know where i got the google connection from…my bad.

as for the VR connections… i have seen vr plugins that merely let you view models in vr.

but im hoping for a full mideling experience…like blocks has i think it would be incredible.

are you saying that they are actually doing this or have done it already?

You have correctly analyzed that there is a difference between viewers and the SketchUp editor.

Are you convinced you could just put on some goggles and use the existing unmodified tools and plugins, you imagine touching 3D objects with simple input devices like plain old mice and keyboards? Anything further than that remains visionary. While Google may create short-living tech demos it has shown that it has no ambitions to rival with the established CAD market.

SketchUp – the editor – does not run on the platforms that VR devices use and does not implement motion input interfaces. It is also unlikely to be ported to totally new platforms.

But if you took a look at and knew how easy it is to deliver great VR experiences through the web platform, that’s where I would have hopes. Still, technically the same old SketchUp binary application is inside it (doing even OpenGL rendering), so the challenge remains to add VR stereo WebGL rendering at the right place in the pipeline (which by contrast would come automatically when using pure Web VR JavaScript frameworks).

Nobody here knows or will be able to tell.

But if it was only true that this video was made by the SketchUp visionaries (it was not).

Just looked and found these two videos

it would seem that trimble is aware of some big upcoming uses of VR/AR workingwith Microsoft Hololens

Trimble already have a product for that:

After buying the $3000 HoloLens you then buy the $1500 SketchUp Viewer application.

I was thinking about whether to mention the second path: Updating the classic SketchUp binary on Windows 10 (already supported platform) to make use Windows 10 virtual reality APIs and deal with hardware support for individual devices (non-cross-platform solution).

The HoloLens viewer is possibly a skunkworks project to test the technological possibilities, tied to a very specific device, use cases and customers. At the moment, it also doesn’t seem to have a final answer how to do editing and a suitable editing GUI. And as the price tells, it is not ready for the average self-employed architect but financed by a handful financially strong customers.

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