I couldnt play the scenes in Sketch Up viewer HoloLens

Dear All,

I have created some scenes in my model at SketchUp Pro 2017, I successfully exported/shared into 3D warehouse and I was able to download my model from 3D warehouse in HoloLens. However, Model was displayed in HoloLens, the scenes are not working properly. I really want someone who could assist me.

You would need to export with the Viewer extension within SketchUp and have the Viewer software for the Hololens.

here is a demo:

It all depends on your scenes and the mode you are in while in SUV. If you are in a tabletop view, your scene will have an impact on what is visible, but not the camera location (as YOU are the camera in tabletop view).

What type of view is your scene (is the camera “in” the model, or is it outside of the model)? Are you viewing from tabletop or immersive mode?

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aren’t you that guy from the demo?

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please see below uploaded .mp4 file. We do have Sketch viewer installed in HoloLens (cost $1500), the model is working completely fine from the HoloLens, but the animation mode couldn’t play like the video I loaded.

It looks like you are animating sections. As of now, sections are not supported in SketchUp Viewer.

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