Model imported to Artlantis misses materials

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(This looks like a topic of its own, not about the switch from SketchUp Make to Free.)

Can you describe in more precise and unambiguous words what you did?

  • Did you export the SketchUp file in some format, then which?
  • If Artlantis has a plugin in SketchUp to upload to their web site, then tell that and give a link?
  • If you imported a file into Artlantis, in which did you choose to import?
  • (General) Which version of SketchUp did you use?


After importing a model with materials (probably textured), the model is shown in Artlantis without materials.

The model should have preserved all materials after import and look just like in SketchUp.

That was a duplicate post. In future, you don’t need to post a question in other threads once you have already opened your own.

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