Sketchup model won’t move when I split screen with Enscape

Hi. I downloaded a FREE TRIAL version Enscape 3.4 from their website just now. Now, everytime I try to splitscreen both Sketchup Pro 2021 and Enscape 3.4, the sketchup model won’t move. It would not even update it’s movement when I put it back to full screen window. Also, even when I minimize the sketchup window without opening enscape or any other softwares, the model just won’t move. But the material editor, etc work and updates the Enscape window. Please help, I didn’t have any problems like this before downloading enscape.

My graphics card is NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070, in case needed

Contact Enscape to see if they can help you since this is evidently caused by their application.

Noted, thanks