Sketchup model view in Layout error. Sketchup Pro 2017


I have an error that has occurred in multiple large project drawings in layout and I’m unable to find the solution to it.
Please see attached screenshots to both layout view and exported pdf view.

Sketchup model views appear with yellow triangle and exclamation mark. The linework from the
sketchup model have disappeared and all annotation markers have moved to the top left. This does not happen on every page in the plan set. In this case it has only happen to this page and a similar page of detailed elevations. There was no warning or notification as to when this occurred, I came across it a couple weeks after finishing the drawings to make some client amendments.

Additional error;
In the exported pdf view the numbers in the circles next to the title blocks disappear. I do believe this is a separate error as this was happening before the first error occurred.

I hope this all make sense.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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