Sketchup model not visible on Google earth could anybody help me please?

My model is not visible on Google Earth. Only tags of the kmz. files are visible, but not the model. I have tried several times, but no luck. Can anybody help me on this issue?

How big is the model?

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just single story with plot size 90mx70m

How many edges does it have, how many MB?

Have you read the previous threads about this topic?

Is the model placed at the correct elevation?

Yes, I am 100% sure it is on correct elevation.

  • Save a copy of the file, and in it, delete your model and keep only the location information (you can leave the terrain). Instead of the model (construction) just put a box.
  • Purge the model and save.
  • Export it as a .kmz file and load it into Google Earth. Normally it should appear, but probably not at the expected altitude.

Regarding your model, it may not load anyway because of the large size and the number of edges.
To find out the number of edges: Window > Model Info - Statistics - Show nested components.

Read the previous threads (about this subject) to learn why all this.

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OK, let me check with this exercise and will let you know if it shows any problem.

These are the edge data in my model. Simple Block is visible, but my model is still not visible Please guide.

This clearly tells you that your model contains far too many edges for a .kmz file… almost 3 million!

Accessing the links that I already gave you twice, I read through the respective threads and found some possible solutions. Have you tried to search, read and apply it on your model?

A solution for a similar case, where the number of edges was too high, was to divide the model into smaller parts and export each one separately as kmz files.

Thanks @mihai. I can see my model now, but is it possible to reload the latest model? Any quick and easy way?