Model not showing up in Google earth

Test 4.kmz (38.0 KB)

Are is a quick test building I am trying to get to show on google earth.

  1. I built it in Sketch up
  2. I went to GeoLocate and got the terrain
  3. I adjusted the building so it was partially sunk into the terrain on Sketch Up
  4. I exported a .kmz file
    5 I opened Google Earth and Opend the .kmz file.
  5. Google earth went to the right location
  6. I made sure “Show 3D Buildings” was checked on (I can see the other 3D buildings in the area.
  7. I cannot see my model.



Is this what you were expecting?

Can you post an image of what you are seeing?
FYI… The “Show 3D Buildings” setting relates to the 3D buildings served by Google and not files you manually load.


Yes, that is what I was expecting. Unfortunately me view has the hill but not the building. How did you get the building to show up?

I was able to open it right up, too. This seems simple, but is the file checked on the left side toolbar?

Here is what I see.

Weird! You might try opening it, again (reloading). If that doesn’t help, then you might try reaching out to Google to see if there is something they know.

Here is another view and I clicked on the building tag and it shows up. Do I need Google Earth Pro?

I don’t have Pro… just the free version. Unfortunately, it looks like it is something weird with Google Earth. There might be someone over here that knows something about whats going on:!forum/gec

No problem with open it directly here too…

Similar problem. Just created simple model of a water tank, geo-located in SU 2020 Pro. Using most recent Placemaker for the surrounding buildings. Exported file to a KMZ. Opened it in Google Earth Pro. Showed everything but the “new” water tank. So, just to be crafty, I opened my SU2020 file, saved it as a SU2016 file. Then opened that in my SU2016 and added the water tank and saved it again as a SU16 file. Export the KMZ and DARN, it showed up just fine in Google Earth !
Any ideas? Do I always have to do this now since Google Earth is not supporting SU anymore?