Sketchup model looks perfect but makerbot fills in ring during print

I have a model that looks great in sketchup and i save as an obj file and bring into makerbot it looks great in preview. when i print it fills in my ring. anyone know what i am doing wrong?

90mm prototype base after bevel after holes after height smoothing hole.skp (1.2 MB)

It’s just a skin and has no thickness.

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It’s also not a Group of Component, which says you can’t have checked whether SketchUp regards it as a “solid”. In fact it has a lot of flaws preventing it from being a “solid”, and they are likely to interfere with 3D printing it successfully. Make it a Group or Component and try a tool such as ThomThom’s Solid Inspector or TIG’s solid solver to see the issues.

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Thanks, how do i add thickness? i am a newbie

thanks i will work on this now.

There are quite a few issues here. Probably best to start from scratch. Pretty easy to use the bottom plane as a reference, then use Push/Pul, then offset, then push/pull, and finally move to recreate the geometry:

As a side note, you have some odd things going on here… the whole thing is softened WAY more than it needs to be, and the axis is rotated so that green is up, rather than blue. Nothing that “breaks” the model, but makes it a little harder to work on.

Hope that helps!

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Make it a group and it does not report solid.
It is a skin.
The top part has no ‘volume’ - you should never be able to see the blur-gray back-faces, except when cutting a section…
What is the expected form of this part ?
The bottom part has an internal ‘floor’ which must go too.

A manifold solid must consist of a group or component, containing only faces and edges.
Every edge must support exactly two faces.
So no faceless edges, no edges with just one face around holes or single skin walls, flaps etc, no internal partitions where an edge has three or more faces…
No intersecting forms, which might report as ‘solid’ but cannot be 3d-printed - intersecting their geometry will destroy the spurious solidity report…
Also all faces should be looking outwards - no blue-gray back-faces should be visible unless you have cut a section…

Some simple PushPulling or FollowMe around a circle-path will make what you want - the PushPull any 'holes for screws etc as needed afterwards…

It needs more work…:slightly_smiling:

PS: Purge your model [Model Info > Statistics] - it contained 22 unused components and 4 materials.
This simply bloats the file and its 1.2 Mb becomes < 140 kb !

Thanks everyone for the help, just made the changes and it printed successfully.