Sketchup model corrupted?


Hi all, I am using sketchup 2018 for modelling and was wondering why the models disappear when i rotate the viewfinder. Also when I export the 2D model, the model appears to be corrupted! Any advice? :slight_smile:

Your third image shows camera clipping.
Read about this in:

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Hard to tell from the images you posted… but wonder if you may have some bits and pieces far from model origin. Really need to post the model if possible for definite answers.

Image 3 looks like your model is just out of view. If that is the case just click on the zoom extents tool to bring model into view.

when rotating using the middle mouse button, you are rotating about a point - if your model is off to one side, it can easily rotate out of view - you then need to practice choosing the correct point to rotate about.


Check under the “View” menu and make sure your view is in Perspective. Sometimes if you have Parallel Projection selected rotating around will do strange things to your view.