I've lost my model within the file



I’ve been using ketchup for a little while now to develop plans for my house, but something unusual has happened.

Whilst drawing, I noticed that as I rotated around the model it would show me a section through the house, as if there was a dynamic section tool being used.

Then, I clicked zoom extents and the model disappeared. I can see a tiny dot on the horizon, using the axes, I can tell that this is where my lost model is, but I can’t seem to zoom up to it and using the window zoom doesn’t help either.

I’ve lost about 4 hours of work if I can’t get this back, please help!


Generally, this sort of issue is due to some or all of the model being drawn very fall away from the origin. Can you post the .SKP file here, so someone can take a look?


I’ve been using ketchup all my life! I slather it on hamburgers, use it as a BBQ sauce base, etc.

Now SketchUp though, only for a few years.

Sorry, couldn’t resist!


The first effect was clipping (which you can look up on the help pages). As @TheOnlyAaron noted clipping is sometimes due to something being far from the rest of your model, which will also cause the second effect.


One option to try.
Ctrl+a to select everything
Then while holding down shift draw a selection box around the tiny spec you think is the model from left to right. This will deselect anything within that box but leave anything else selected.
Hit Delete on your keyboard.
Now hit Shift+z and your model should reappear.
If the model does appear but has a group or component missing then it was that that contained the wayward geometry.


I get this happening randomly from time to time even though nothing is very far from the origin. I assumed it was graphics card related. I don’t think I get it in parallel projection (or is it the other way round?). Anyway, it generally goes away after moving around a bit, refreshing, etc.


It sounds like you are using a parallel projection and have the camera placed inside the model, or with the model behind the camera. Try using a perspective camera.


May I jump onto this train and say it’s happened to me too, and I need help! Well, technically it happened to one of my student’s files. I’m sure he was messing around, and got something thrown into never never land- but I don’t know how to find it!

Here’s his skp file: Dylan’s Castle.skp (844.2 KB)

I’ve checked the model stats and there’s still something there, I just can’t see it! Maybe I’m too zoomed out, maybe things are all over the place…

SketchUp is new to me and it’s been a crazy road teaching it to middle schoolers!

Can someone please take a look and see where his model went? Or if it’s missing entirely? Let me know if you need any more info!



There it is:

Dylan’s Castle GM.skp (964.8 KB)

The camera was messed up, maybe by zooming out excessively?

Camera eye (-2147483648’ , --2147483648’ , --2147483648’ )
Camera target (-2147483648’ , --2147483648’ , --2147483648’ )
Camera up (0, 1, 0)

I used a Ruby script to reset the camera, but you could have fixed this one by using the position camera tool. Practically anywhere on screen it says “Endpoint in Chris” (near the origin). After placing it you should be able to zoom out or do zoom extents.


The value -2147483648 is an interesting one in the context of computer software - it is the most-negative value that can be stored in 32-bit two’s-compliment binary format. In order for many of the camera parameters to have obtained this same value suggests a software quirk or perhaps a clamping at the minimum.


Yes and sometimes you get NaN (not a number) values there too.


I suspect there may be something else or maybe it is corrupt. I copy/paste to a new file and it behaves ok. There are many reversed faces too, it’s practically inside out. (this is the original btw)


Thank you so very much!!! I tried using the position camera and zoom extents tools, but clearly not well enough. Thank you!!


How do we make sure the faces aren’t reversed? I clearly have lots more to learn!


The file is corrupted. I copied ad pasted it into a new file and the issues went away


First… view the model in monochrome without any colors visible. Visible colors in the design stage of a drawing are of little use.The blue color is the BACK of a face. The front of a face is white. You can opt to change these colors if you wish. The point is a face has a front and a back. In monochrome you can see which side of the faces are which. In a box all the faces that you can see should be white. If you look inside the box…they would all be blue.reverse%20faces

Select all the model (this model is totally inside out) find reverse faces in the context menu. Once you get to this stage and desire to show the previous coloring of elements you can select to view the model in “shaded with textures” but you will find that none of the colors will show as they were. This is because all those colors were applied to the BACKS of all the faces. :slight_smile:


It’s a rather large rogue rectangle causing the problem. Once removed it behaves normally.

Just a note. The rogue isn’t actually that big it is displaying that area because it is so far from the origin that things are confused. If I move it to the origin it is only a bit bigger than the castle.


Hopefully you can solve my problem in this file
design simples 1dcm1.skp (1.0 MB)


Try this.
design simples Box.skp (986.5 KB)


Hello. Thank you very much.
It works perfect now.
Any suggestion how to prevent this problem, or solve in case it happens again ?