SketchUp MatchPhoto interior


I try the tool photomatch in sketchup for interior photos. If one axe in het photo is horizontal it is not possible to draw along the green (or red) axe in drawing mode. Is there a solution for this problem or is this only possible if the “red and green” axes in the photo arn’t horizontal?

Thank you for your help!

PRINTSCREEN: photomatch interior

Read the help files on using Match Photo. You need to have two vanishing points in order to set it up correctly. The image you show doesn’t have the second vanishing point.

Thank you DaveR for you answer.

Sorry it’s probably not the answer you were hoping for.

not really DaveR, but I’m glad I know the answer now :slight_smile:

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photomatch.skp (582.1 KB)
What about trying to use the 90 degree corner on the left wall?

Thank you for the help @quantj