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I start to have an interesting experience on Sketchup. but one of my probleme is the sketchup software performance. When i insert component and compelify my modeling, sketchup start to STRUGGLE. Repetitive “No answer”, long time of charging. I’ve searched for settings on google ( sketchup performance) to set the performance and use the software the most conveniently. But there are no so many answers… Do you have an idea? Is it a problem of computer or is it a problem of software? So that i don’t use the software correctly… Would you have tips?

I know for example that it’s better to use sketchup and create groups instead of exploding objects. As well as working in monochromatic view, or in hidden line…

Thank you in advance!



Most commonly the performance problems that I think you are describing are due to graphics cards that aren’t well suited for the job. I can’t see from your screen shot what GPU is in your computer and you haven’t provided the correct information in your profile but the first thing to do is try updating the graphics drivers.

You don’t indicate what sort of components you are inserting into your model but if they are heavy (lots of geometry and large texture images) they can cause problems.

If you were to upload a SketchUp file that has the problem that you see, we might be able to give you better advice. If the file is too large to upload here, you could upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Here the link of the file.
And i give you the information concerning the graphic card.

Here the list of the components dowloaded captured in screenshot. There is now the entire list, but a copple of…

If you can tell me for you if there is anything wrong.

Information: With sketchup make it’s awfull, the software is struggling, with sketchup pro trial it’s working veery fluentlyAnnotation%202019-04-16%20162043

Thank you gratefully

It could be different graphics settings between the two versions. I’m not having any issues with the model even with all the layers visible and textures turned on.

From the project and your other posts, it looks like you need to be using SketchUp Pro anyway.

Do you think that’s the reason it’s struggling?

I could be partly due to different graphic settings between the two versions but also, the graphics have been improved since the older version you are using was released.

Since you are getting better performance with SketchUp 2019 and you need things it offers, you should go ahead and buy the license.

i am doing a work experience. Im working on this for a temporary period. I don’t want to buy the licence :sob::sob: it’s too much expensive !!

Well, since this is for work, you need to be using Pro. Otherwise, like the rendering software you are were posting about, you are using it illegally.

I know this DaveR;

Thank you

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