Sketchup Make installer closes silently

When I run the SketchUpMake-en-x64.exe executable in Windows 10, the OS first prompts me with a “User Account Control” dialog, asking if I want to allow this application to make changes to my device. After clicking yes, a window with a progress bar opens up while the installer is extracted. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the installer simply closes and nothing else happens. If I view the installer process in the task manager, I see that it just disappears once the window closes.

What is going on? I do have Symantec Endpoint Protection but have never had any problems installing other applications.

Did you select the exe installer file’s icon [in Downloads?], right-click > context-menu > "Run as administrator"
That s the only way to install it properly.

You can try and correct a faulty installation, thus:
Close SketchUp.
Run the installer as explained above…
When prompted, choose “Repair”

Any improvement ?

Yes, I chose “Run as administrator”.

This isn’t a “faulty installation” because the installer never actually runs. Like I said, it simply shuts down once the installer itself is finished extracting. Sketchup never shows up under this list of installed programs.

Perhaps if this is being extracted to a temporary location on the hard drive, I can run the “actual” installer manually from there?

Perhaps your virus protection is blocking things ?
Ensure that Sketchup is white-listed…

In the past, the anti-virus quarantined a self-extracting install executable for a different application that wasn’t within it’s whitelist, but in that case, I couldn’t even open the file after downloading because it had been moved to quarantine. I had to manually take it out of quarantine.

This is NOT what is happening here though. The installer is able to start, but it just silently closes after the extraction process is complete.

Might be also worth checking windows is up to date

This is a work computer. Automatic updates are blocked an rolled out independently by IT. Maybe I should try a different machine…

It is one of the system requirements that SketchUp requires an up to date version of windows. If you are doing the right click administrator but still nothing, I can only suggest that its possibly something with the windows os. It’s a bit coincidental that you also seem to think it could be out of date. Just my thoughts.

But by all means, try another machine.

I should also point out that if you “are” using SketchUp for work, you should be using the Pro version, not Make.

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Not using it for work, just personal stuff off hours. It should be within the bounds of acceptable use according to company policy.

I was able to install the application by manually extracting the contents of the .exe using 7-zip and running the .msi file.

However, after choosing my template and clicking “Start using SketchUp”, the application silently closes without any dialog boxes or error messages, just like I was experiencing before with the installer.

Is there any way to run with logging in order to help figure out what is happening here?

@IanT was referring to the EULA for SketchUp Make.

It sounds like your method of installing SketchUp didn’t install it correctly. I would remove all traces of SketchUp from the computer including cleaning the registry. Then try again using the correct installation method.

Is the computer connected to the Internet?

If you google “wise registry cleaner”, Ive found that useful in the past.

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