Sketchup Make 2017, Windows 10 Pro Crashing

Hi there,

We have a an issue when opening ANY template, The SketchUp Make 2017 program crashes.

I have logged an issue when the pop up crash log is happening, but i have yet to hear back however it means i cannot use this.

The system is a Lenovo M700 with a nvidia quadro k620 GPU, I5, 4gb Ram, Win 10 Pro 64bit.

I have a copy of the Error log created if anyone can help?

check with the Lenovo Diagnostic Solution program or at their support webpages for an updated graphics card driver version, if nothing recent avail you may want try to install the latest native nVidia driver version 376.84 (02.2017) for your Quadro K620m.

And ensure that SketchUp is running on the dedicated Quadro (“nVidia High Performance processor”) and not the integrated intel HD:

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