SketchUp Make 2017 allegedly infected with trojan

Hey guys, a user on reddit made the remark that the old SketchUp Make 2017 program is infected with a trojan. I’m having a hard time verifying this -I already let Windows scan the file and uploaded it to Kaspersky for an online check- but everything comes up clean from my side. Is there someone on the team who could have a look at it? I know that there’s still a lot of people using Make 2017 because it offers better functionality compared to Web, so I just wanted to make sure that everything is ok…

I could imagine if somone got 2017 Make from an unauthorized source it might be infected. From the official source, no.

I would say “Certainly not” if the application was downloaded from the official SketchUp site.

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It’s also a good idea not to believe everything you read on reddit.


Trust me, I know. But I’m moderating the sub and I wanted to have an official response so I can just shove it in his face :innocent:


“You can believe everything you read on the Internet” : Abraham Lincoln


“If you open that Pandora’s Box, you never know what Trojan 'orses will jump out”(Ernest Bevin)

Yea, maybe ask him for the SHA of his binary, and check it against our download… then ask what exposed it since you already checked ours.

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