My computer was cleaned for malware. I lost my Sketchup free 2017. How can I get it back?

I had to have my computer cleaned for malware. When I got it back I had lost my SketchUP Free 2017. Iam retired and dont really need an annual renewal program. I don’t use it much only for myself. Is there anyone that can help me get it back? I’m really not a computer person. I’m an old dog and it’s hard to learn new tricks. I won’t be much use to forum. To be honest my contacting forum is purely selfish. I would appreciate anyone’s advice or help.

Unfortunately SketchUp 2017 make no longer officially supported. Therefore it has been removed from the official Sketchup website.
You need to search on the internet for the installer file and download. You have to take care yourself which site you trust.

Here is the name of the file you need to look for:


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Thanks for reaching out. Only site that I saw was CNet and they are not a trustworthy site.

That’s the only source I’ve ever seen. If you don’t trust it perhaps it’s time to start using SketchUp Free. At least it’s a trustworthy option.

well if you google the file name, the first result is
(at least on my google :wink: )

apparently they have archived the download page and the install files back then.
Do I trust more than CNet ? yeah, but that’s not a high bar :slight_smile:
but again, it’s not the official source, it’s an archive made by the community. so ultimately, your choice.
the person who added it to the archive also added a few useful things, printer drivers, a playmobil game.

Plan B is what Dave says, sketchup free has the advantage to run in your browser, everything is saved online but you can download your files.


This was my first post on the forum and someone tried to scam me by contacting me outside the forum. Telling me that they had the file downloaded on their computer and would be deleting the file at the end of the week. Even sent me a link.
It had all the signs of a scam. I did not reply to them or open the link.

tried to scam you with… sketchup make 17 installer ?

that’s stupid, you could just google it and find 500 places online that still have it.

people are stupid.
(what a great positive outlook to start the week :slight_smile: )

But overall, good advice not to download from online sources you don’t know.
If you need the file, I kept it in my archive and can provide it.

I do have most of the installers going way back to V2013. The issue is would you trust me more than you would trust CNET? If I can be of help please let me know.

Thank you. Please do not be offended when I ask you to prove it but, I am very apprehensive. I’m not very computer savy. I do not use SketchUp very often.

Hi, I’m in the same boat. I’m in my mid 70s and retired and only use Sketchup for personal use. I started using Sketchup when it first came out under Google…that must be 20 odd years back anyway my last license was 2015 or 16 pro.
My 2015/16 sketchup works great on my old 2007 windows laptop but it’s so slow and as it’s so old I want to upgrade to a new laptop and windows 11, but I find I don’t have theSketchup software to do this… any help please…
Thanks for any help

I feel your pain. I was helped by another individual. I am not able to help you as I’m not very good on the computer.

Hi, could you put me in touch with this guy…?? Please

scroll up and

read. the. discussion. it’s all in there, what to search for, various sources, and a guy proposing his help.

I mean, I’m linking the installer right here

You can post it on the SketchUp forum. That’s how he contacted me. It would be better to do it that way.


I did. twice now. again, come to the forum, not just your emails, and read what’s written in the previous messages, not just this one answer, and click on blue links. short of coming to your place to install it, its what we can do.

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If you guys ever need a copy of Sketchup Make 2017, I have a backup saved for whenever (Hopefully never) I decide to stop paying for the subscription. You can message me directly from the forum, and I’ll make the Google Drive link temporarily available.

For me I got messed up on parent directories. So my take on this is:
Search google for the exact filename, namely “sketchupmake-2017-2-2555-90782-en-x64.exe”
-Take the google result that is from, but disregard the parent directory result
-of the 6 files that result, once again disregard the parent directory, and take the very next file, dated as last modified 02-Feb-2020 17:18

I take it that this is right. Good, thanks guys. An old geezer like me is not used to this.
So we need the exact filename. And this is for Windows, does anyone have the filename to search on for Mac?

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the file name would be sketchupmake-2017-3-116-90851-en.dmg

This was also grabbed from the website.

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