Sketchup make 2016 won't save

Good day
Marna here. Former farmer. Still an artist/designer of my own little things.
I am having trouble with sketchup make 2016, which ran just fine, without glitches on a windows 10 laptop (Packard Bell easy note), until microsoft decided it was a good idea to mess it all up again with another update.
I tried everything I know how to do.
Files just won’t save any more.
Not with “save”, “save as” or the shortcut up on top.

All new files has this result.
“(file path)
File not found.
Check the file name and try again.”
All new drawings do this.
I can still print.

Files saved before that … update, has this result.
“CFileExtention 2 in (file path-0.tmp)”
the .skp file extension is replaced by -0.tmp.
All of them do this, no matter which ‘save’ route I follow.

I do not use import, unless I have a photo to work from. I do not use export. I do not use 3D warehouse or sandpit. I do not require all the functionality, but I do require the program to save what I often spend weeks drawing. I do not make money with sketchup. Some people think I am utterly stupid, because I can not communicate like they do. Sketchup helps me explain my ideas to those people. I am a widow making hardly enough to pay my bills. I do not have the funds to purchase a license for sketchup use. I do not always have internet access. I require the program to function off-line. Sketchup is the one I rely on. There is none better. I cried for months when I lost the old one, but I learned to work with Sketchup-make.
Now this.
I searched for answers and fixes, but I found none.
Please, either direct me to the instructions on how to fix this, or tell me how to fix it. Please.
If this is something either you, the sketchup team engineered, or microsoft caused, please tell me that too. It would be very nice to know who to curse at every time I need it, but can’t use it.

Sounds like you have permissions issues, did you install sketchup using the Run as Admin option?

There would be nothing that the SketchUp team could do to cause this. A windows update could, though.

I agree with @Box that this sounds like a permissions issue.

Since you are using it as a hobbyist, why not get and install SketchUp 2017 Make from and install that? Right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator.

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I’ll have a look. Maybe. I do not remember.

I am very glad it wasn’t the sketchup team.
Let me try the 2017, then.
Hold on.

Make sure you install it correctly as I described.

second try.
I clicked on “Open when complete.” …
“opening in …” anything from 2 days to 15 minutes. It varies.
Checked for administrator permissions. Although I am logged in as an administrator, windows restricts my access. Couldn’t place the file in C:. Windows said I don’t have permission to save it there, but suggested an alternative, so I took that.
First attempt:
check administrator priv. = check
locate file = check
Click on file = windows can’t open … play store … = cancel
right click … open with … sketchup … =didn’t work.
Permissions? Microsoft account … redo the account, because the email got rejected. Had to change a password. Everything else seems fine.
Second try to download the installation file, is still not complete.
Failed. Network error.
… 42.8/148MB 34 minutes … to 19 hours …

The most obvious answer is you have a computer that is controlled by an IT department.
If that is the case they need to install sketchup for you and they need to understand how to do it.
If on the other hand you have your own computer with no restrictions, you have issues.

Own computer … SHOULDN’T have restrictions … OR issues. But apparently, some companies may do as they please and … it up every time the pc gets internet access. You switch off auto update, and they just override your choices - who are you any way? Their software. Their right. Hmm? . So please pardon my lack of humor at the moment. I am … not … happy.
66.4/148 …

Nothing to do with this end. Nothing to do with sketchup or trimble. What are your issues locally?

The network is unstable. Internet is not always available. Sometimes very slow. Too slow for some apps. I try to avoid internet on the laptop as far as possible. Just spoils my day, because it delivers me unpleasant surprises on the pc. Yes, the firewall is up. Yes, antivirus is up to date. What else? What am I missing?

It works!!!
It saved the file!
Thank you very much!