Sketchup Make 2015 failure to install problem

PC specs:
Win7 64-bit / CPU: Quad 3.4G / RAM: 16G
Video: nVidia GeForce 570 GTX (2 gig version)
Storage: (1) 120G SSD (25G available), (3) other mechanical drives totaling over 6T in storage.
Support software installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1; and I am up on all of my patches (to include the MS14-049 patch recommended in KB2918614).

Just downloaded the 64-bit version of Sketchup Make 2015 and am unable to install due to an issue reported by the installer as “Out of Disk Space.” It’s really odd since I have 25 gigs free on my primary drive… and seems to happen no matter what drive (with 3TB free on one new mechanical drive) I attempt to install on. And happens with the 32-bit version as well. For some reason, despite telling it which drive and directory to install in, the installer insists on trying to install itself on the optical drive (which has no space). I’ve rebooted and have ensured that I am running it as an administrator - no change.

Attached are the screenies to help show the issue:

(Installation screen)

Skipped showing the EULA acceptance (it works)…

(Here’s where I choose my (normal) installation drive - C:)

(Looking good, just need to click the Install button…)

(Then this shows up… The optical drive is highlighted and all I can do is click OK.)

Next I get kicked back to the “Ready to install Skeptchup Make 2015 (64-bit)” screen, to which I really can only select Cancel. Hitting the Back button and changing the drive to install on still brings up the infuriating optical drive dance.

So I hit Cancel and am asked if I really want to stop the installation (no, but I have no other choice). Following, the below is the last screen I have pop up:

I really want to use your product, but with this error that’s not going to happen any time soon. : (


What is E: ?
Can’t you select C: ??
E: seems spurious ??
Can you try to ‘unmount’ E: and retry the SketchUp install on C: ???