Can't Install SketchUp (Make or Pro)



I cannot download SketchUp Make.

I am on Windows 10. My PC specs are:
AMD Vishera 8-core CPU
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970
16 GB of DDR3 Ram

When I downloaded the installer, I opened it up. When selecting the location for the download, it defaulted to my C drive. Since my C drive is just for my Windows (I only installed Windows to it. The C drive is a part of my SSD). Since I don’t want it there, I changed the destination to my E drive (Hard Drive). Then, it popped up with the error message:

I have tried downloading SketchUp Pro (same error message), running it as an administrator, downloading it to my S drive (other portion of my SSD), and reinstalling the installer. Nothing has worked. Please help. I really need to use SketchUp for a school project.
Thank you,