I cannot get sketch up to install on my PC

I am trying to download and install Sketch Up 2023 to my PC, but it will not install. I continue to get various errors when installing (image below) or when I try to start the installation process, nothing happens at all. I have uninstalled/deleted prior corrupted versions of the program, restarted my computer (at least 15 times now), and still I cannot get the application to install. Can someone please help with possible solutions?

My PC specs:

  • CPU - Ryzen 7 5800x
  • RAM - 32 GB
  • Operating System - 64 Bit on Windows 11
  • GPU - 6900xt

Sketchup Error 2

Try powering your computer off. Give it 30 seconds or so and restart it. Then find the installer. Right click on it, choose Run as administrator and let the installer run. If it pops up any options choose Repair.

BTW, your forum profile says you are using the “Free Plan” which is the web based version and doesn’t install on your computer. You must be using SketchUp Pro. Please correct that in your profile.

If what Dave suggested doesn’t solve things, there is a different installer you might try:


The standard installer gets some of what it needs from files that are online, and if there are network issues going on it could cause problems during the install. The ‘full’ installer has what it needs in the installer, and so should install ok even if you are offline, or having network issues.

Hey Dave, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this did not change anything. I turned off my computer for several minutes and then turned it back on. When clicking on the .exe file, nothing happens. Even when I try to run as administrator, nothing happens.

Downloading this application did not enable me to launch the installation app either. Nothing happens when I click on the .exe file. Even when I try to run as administrator, nothing happens.

After downloading an app called Everything, I was able to delete every file related to Sketchup (that has the name “sketchup” in it) and attempted to reinstall the software. The application starts, but gets stuck and the app installer closes. I am unable to download the application.

It’s possible that there is something like an antivirus scanner that is doing something to the installer as it is installing.

Disable any that you have prior to installing.

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I’ve already turned those off while attempting to install. It did nothing.

You may have to repair Windows if all other avenues fail to allow SketchUp to install.

Did you try to whitelist SketchUp’s & Trimble URLs in your Firewall settings.
If that’s blocking the communication needed during the installations then everything will be FUBAR…

There will be an install shield log file on the windows temp folder - this might give you a clue what is interrupting it

I was able to resolve the issue by installing the software onto my C: drive. My C: drive is small and full (less than 2GB were available) as it’s where my OS sits. I have four other drives I use for applications and files, and none of them would work. Thanks everyone for the comments. I still have no idea why I cannot use my other drives for the application.

Hello if maybe installing some libraries it could work :smiley:

The OS uses temp space to move the installer to and to keep the installer file (for uninstallation/repair) on the C:/ drive , regardless of where you make the program install to - that’s the standard for windows I think.
Strange it would work on the C:/ where it would actually give you less space tho…

One other reason that SketchUp might not install on another drive is if the drive is empty and you are installing to the root folder of the drive, such as D:\ in which case the installer will complain because that isn’t allowed. It doesn’t sound like that’s what you are doing, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

We haven’t seen this problem before, and can’t reproduce it, so I think it is a one-off situation with the files and registry entries on your system. Perhaps multiple installs and uninstalls of SketchUp and your other apps have created an unusual state.

At this point I won’t open an internal bug report for this. But if anyone can reproduce the problem, with repeatable steps, please let us know so we can investigate further.

Thanks – Bill Horst, SketchUp QA

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