SketchUp Logo in real life


Last week we had a seminar about the use of SketchUp and other software in special interests education, but (besides the banner) I didn’t have any objects related to SketchUp in our office, so I thought to make one myself.

Hadn’t done any woodworking projects in a very long time, but it all ended with a fun weekend project, where I finally got a chance to make something practical.

The first idea was to make a 40x40x40 plywood cube, but I ended up going to the supply store and choosing 3mm thick laminated chip-wood sheets instead. They seemed thick enough and were in just the right size.

After buying the tools and materials I remade the SketchUp model, adjusting all the dimensions for the 3mm thickness.

Laid out all the pieces flat and brought them in LayOut to add dimensions and make a printout.

Cat for scale

Quick sanding to round the corners and to remove all excess parts.

First I tried spray painting, but ended up just putting the final layer of paint with a foam roller. The offset lines were not sharp enough in the end, so It needed a bit of extra work with a fine brush after that.

All done!


It confirms the theory about cats: make something that creates a boundary in space, and the cat is sure to go and occupy it (like in the “cat circle” Internet meme.



Very nice!

Be sure not to leave it near the lunch counter…

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Is that Schrödinger’s cat? :slight_smile:

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It is and it isn’t of course…

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I was also thinking of making the SketchUp cube as a speaker box. Do you think these two sub-woofers will do?

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