SketchUp Kitchen Helper model cannot open in SketchUp 8



I would like to use this Sketchup File to make a kitchen helper/Learning Tower, but I have Sketchup 8 and this version is 15. I wondered if someone would kindly convert it for me. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

tww-kitchen-helper-v1(1).skp (412.9 KB)strong text


Here you go…
tww-kitchen-helper-v1_V8.skp (411.6 KB)


Thank you so much for your help. It opened and looks fine. Much appreciated!


Thank you so much, I can now start to build the project. Fantastic!


You have Windows 7. You can install SketchUp Make 2015 side-by-side with SketchUp 8, on the same computer. (With SU2015 you have the choice of 32-bit or 64-bit application. With some AMD graphics however, there are issues with 64-bit.)

With SU2015, you can back-save your models to version 8 format.


Hi Dan,

Not sure what you mean. If I had Sketchup 2015 I wouldn’t need to convert back to 8?


Well perhaps, … but I do not know why you still are using an obsolete and unsupported version of SketchUp. (Some people do not have funds to upgrade their Pro licenses, or wish to use the old version for commercial work, or have a computer that cannot support newer SketchUp versions, etc.)

I just assumed since you have a newer computer that you have a good reason for suffering along with v8. (No Extension Warehouse integration, and spotty 3D Warehouse integration on old XP platforms limited to MSIE 8.)