"SketchUp is unable to save your model. It is recommended that you attempt to save your model to SU V.2020..."

Hello all,

So, this suddenly happened out of the blue when saving my model:

I have to keep going into the “save as” dialogue to save in SU2020 and I am extremely concerned that the file may “implode” eventually.

This project has a hard deadline of this coming Thursday.

I would appreciate any suggestions while I wait for technical Support to reach me, but this is the first thing you get to read on their page:

" We are currently experiencing a major outage of our Customer Management System. We are actively working to resolve the issue, but please note that responses to your requests may be delayed. Thank you for your patience!"

Thank you kindly.

Are you able to successfully save it as a 2020 file?

Yes, using the “save as dialogue” Every time it asks me if I want to overwrite the existing file. When I close the file I can open it with either 2020 or 2021.

If opening with 2021 I get the standard warning about saving with a different version. If I try to save the new opened file in 2021 i get the error message above again…

It is a workaround - thank heavens - but I am really nervous about using a working corrupt file that I would really love to be able to save on my current 2021 version.


You could upload the file and some of us might be able to have a look at it to see if we have the same problem, and see if there is anything obviously wrong in the file…?

I used to get this every so often but it hasn’t happened for some time now.

I have suggested to support to ask to make sure if you are on 2021.0.1. It had some fixes that may help the file. If you’re already on that version, it is possible that I would be able to send back a copy of your file that is improved. If you don’t mind letting me see the file. You can either do that via your support request, or send me a message in the forum.

I’ll get to it. Thank you both!

This is the latest version, as far as I know. There seem to be no further updates for me at the moment

The file is 3.8 MB. Would it be possible to send it via DM to both of you? I would prefer not to share publicly…

Thank you.