I can't save mi project! 😡

I can’t save my project!

Greetings community, SU 2024 does not allow me to save! when I want to save the file, either in Trimble Connect, on my PC, save it as a template even! It tells me that the action cannot be performed and recommends me to save it in version 2020! :thinking: But when I want to save it as, no option of previous versions appears and I simply could not save the work done!!!

Has anyone had something similar happen to you?

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it’s an overlook on their part, they removed the possibility to export to an older version, but forgot this type of messages.

someone else had the problem here

and the solution I gave them is that same I’ll give you

(extension to save as 2020)

before 2021, the files were not as compressed as they are now, that’s why in some very specific cases SU recommend going back to 2020.

the alternative would be to open your file, copy all, open a new file, paste all.
you will however loose your scenes.

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately I lost the whole file because the only thing I had done was to give it a name to start working. From that moment on I was not interested in saving because I have never had the need, when I finished my work the warning appeared and I could not find a solution!

Now I know how I can rescue my work!