SketchUp is lagging

I modeled a vehicle in Blender, but I need to export it through SketchUp to export into a game, but it is lagging and also lagging when I select something. Is there a way I could fix this or lower how polys of it or something? The file is large.

What version of SketchUp? What graphics card? Please update your profile.

Google SketchUp 8, I updated the info on my profile picture. Now, the desktop that I am using is around 10 years old and my graphic cards isn’t good really. So maybe you can check and see?

I don’t think there is a lot of chance of Google SketchUp 8 being updated. Even SketchUp 2018 had problems with slowness when selecting something. That was fixed when 2019 came out, but further fixes were put into the one from a few days ago.

If you’re using a version of SketchUp that is more than four days old, you should get the 2019 update.

Actually, I need Google 8 SketchUp to since the exporter for the game I use only works in Sketchup 8.

Now that Desktop lags on game wise so I may try all this on my laptop.

Then it sounds like you’re stuck.

Check and see what?

If you are managing to run SketchUp Make, you could work in that all of the time, then do a Save As, and save it as SketchUp 8. Then bring it in to SketchUp 8 just to do the export.


Yeah, that’s what I did. Worked in a newer SketchUp and then when I go to export it in Google SketchUp 8, it loads for more than 20 minutes, but it loads perfectly in Blender. I assume it has to do with the large polycount? or maybe I need to lower them

See like now. It’s been an hour and it’s still trying to export. I’m thinking it’s the high poly count of this vehicle when it hits SketchUp, because in Blender it runs smooth.

If you want to upload an example model, I have Skimp. Would be interesting to see if that helped:

Alright, can we do it tomorrow? About to go to bed to get some rest, haha.

Upload whenever, I’ll look in the morning. 10pm for me at the moment.

Yeah and alright