SketchUp Interior Design Tutorial – How to Measure & Model a Room (9 EASY steps)

Do you need to create an accurate model of a room? We’ve recently published a new SketchUp video tutorial that explains the whole process in 9 easy steps using a real-world kitchen. Plus, we show you the most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

Inside the video we cover:

  1. How to Orient Your Model To The Space
  2. Drawing The Overall Width & Length Of The Space
  3. Drawing The Thickness Of The Walls
  4. Drawing The Height Of The Walls
  5. Creating Window & Door Openings
  6. Staying Organized With Groups & Tags
  7. Drawing The Floor
  8. Drawing The Ceiling
  9. Adding The Details

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel here: SketchUp Interior Design Tutorial – How to Measure & Model a Room (9 EASY steps) - YouTube

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The video covers the basics well but one thing not fully covered is how to speed things up.

For example, when you want to create several identical cut-outs, as you do for the ceiling light fittings, it’s faster to copy the initial circles BEFORE you push-pull.

Another obvious tip is to use double clicking on push-pull operations if all shapes are going to be pushed through the same amount (eg. if they are all on walls of a given thickness or a ceiling or floor, say). Do the initial push-pull on one opening, then double click on all subsequent ones. It’s fair to say that this shortcut is not foolproof and will sometimes randomly fail, but it’s pretty reliable and saves a ton of time if you have a lot of openings to make.

Thanks for adding the extra tips!