SketchUp infiltrating my everyday vocabulary

This morning I told a friend (former boss in years of design) that my son and I “do not have a coplanar understanding of the expected behavior at Grandma’s house”…

I thought I might need to back away from the SketchUp forums and tutorials for a moment.

So naturally I come here asking out of curiosity …

Does SketchUp vocabulary affect your every day language? What have you said, do you say?

Better yet! What COULD you say?

//Ridiculous topic meant for entertainment.


I have not said anything yet that I noticed, but I could imagine if you use the names of the SU tools to describe how to do something in the shop or office it could cause confusion (like Push/Pull, Orbit, Follow Me, X-Ray mode, Hide/Unhide, Extrude, Select, Offset, Intersect Faces, …) Especially when you use these terms as verbs, it could throw people off. But, I wish these tools could be invented for my workbench. :smile:


So maybe it should be in the Corner Bar?

Moved it there.

A coplanar event involving Intersect Faces could be way to describe a kiss.


I’m a retired engineer, so some of those terms crope into my vocabulary decades ago and won’t go away!

BTW “crope” is one of those irregular verbs that have crope into our language

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Thank you. I looked through the list and didn’t see that one so I stuck it in general.

Thank you!

As English is not my mother tongue I am perhaps somewhat immune to using the vocabulary in my speech, but I quite often try to orbit images on web pages.


Ah, typos, eh?

Reminds me of a ditty from my youth: “the cat crept into the crypt, cra***d, and crept out again.” Crackin’.

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This! Habit is a heartless master. I have been using my iPad for many years with Procreate, which also has a two finger tap to undo. I find myself habitually tapping on actual paper to undo, and then I feel dumb. I did it once to an oil painting and… Yeah.

I also tried to orbit a pdf exported from one of my models last night. I blamed the lateness of the hour.


I find myself trying to orbit JPG images sometimes.


Group first, and ask questions later! (Safety first)

Come here (follow me), go away! (a passive/aggressive teasing behavior?)

Purge to Preserve Scale on Resize … (a gross weight loss method?)

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I may have to Push/Pull you to the bar…or you could follow me!


It’s not just the Vocab or trying to Orbit jpgs it’s how you look at everything around you in terms of ‘how would I model that’ and worst of all is moving your head to try to look behind something or up into the depths of the monitor as you orbit around your model.


exactly what I was going to write :joy:


Regularly trying to orbit JPGs as well after having spent some time in SketchUp :man_shrugging:

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don’t have that issue but sometimes i find myself trying to click on the real word or undo reality only to find there’s no short cut for that

“One wishes that life had an undo button.” - William J. Mitchell

This is a quote that stuck with me for life from a continuing education course on computer graphics in architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design in the late 1980’s. To put things in perspective, the first Macintosh had just come out about 5 years earlier, and the Mac II (with color!) had just come out. IIRC, the school had created it’s own surface based 3D modeler not unlike SketchUp call Modelshop.


Interesting thought. I find myself using '“everything’s ‘Shiny’” - because that’s what ‘Solid Inspector’ says when you’ve checked a complicated shape to see if it’s a proper solid. I use it in everyday language in the sense that everything has been sorted out and is in good shape, with no errors. Shiny!

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