SketchUp in a Can


This reminded me of the software “Painter” which used to come in an actual paint can; a nice marketing angle.

Recently saw this interesting video on how the ubiquitous can is made.

Assume that by the tool shown this would be something we’d be drinking?

as opposed to:


I remember that. Hmm, now I wonder if that’s still around somewhere.

I think Painter was bought by Macromedia (publisher of FreeHand etc). It was in turn purchased by Adobe that finished Painter to favour Photoshop, and FreeHand to favour Illustrator…

This was it.
I still have a copy and it is still a great program


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Hahaha… It took me a second to realize it was software in a can and not paint :sweat_smile:. SketchUp in a can has 0 calories. That’s hilarious! I checked the ISBN number on the can and it led me to your books @jimhami42. I didn’t know you were an author. The book’s plots sound really good! Did you use SketchUp to make the covers too?

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Writing Sci-Fi novels is another one of my hobbies :grinning:

Yes … due to the licensing involved, I used SketchUp 8 (as I do for my 3D printing sales). I don’t have the talent of someone like @liamk887, but they’re passable enough and pretty much reflect the contents of the novels.

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I was seven years old when the patent was filed.

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You started your invention career very early !!


Variation on a theme … Taj Majal model by Daniel G.