SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work

Well, it has been quite a year (plus a little) here at SketchUp HQ, with tremendous amounts of coffee consumed and today we’re finally ready to spill what we’ve been working so hard to finish. There’s quite a lot to share, so bear with us.

The whole team has been grinding (coffee beans and otherwise) to bring you this newest development in the life of our products. Today, we’re proud to announce a brand new way to buy all the products you love: A SketchUp subscription. The best value we’ve ever offered, now you can choose the perfect combination of SketchUp for your project, workflow, or creative concept.

Best of all: We’re using this opportunity to challenge ourselves to earn your business every single day by constantly improving the tools you need and love throughout each year. We are proud to take on this challenge and move our process from an annual update cycle to a “features-when-we’ve-got-em” cycle.

Take a look at the new ways to buy SketchUp, and all the perks included in each subscription tier. We have been working to bring you subscriptions for years because we believe this is the best way to deliver more value to our users in a single package. This shift in our business will make it easier for new users to buy SketchUp. Current users who switch will have access to even more SketchUp products and will never have to think about keeping them up-to-date. If you’re subscribed to SketchUp, you’re running the latest version of everything.

Speaking of features, we didn’t forget to give our products love this year! We’ve made SketchUp faster and more powerful than ever before with bug fixes, system improvements, and some shiny new features. There’s a lot we are proud of this year – including a way to buy the SketchUp you know and love – and so much more.

Read up on what’s new this year and choose the subscription that’s right for you!

SketchUp 2019 is where great ideas get to work. What will you create?


The stealing focus on launch bug is fixed! Best thing in this whole release!


Dashed lines people - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dashed lines.


And to anyone using the new edge style by layer feature, please be aware of the danger of mixing layers in one and the same drawing context. Try to only apply layers to groups and components, not directly to edges, and you’ll avoid accidental silent sticking.

Personally I’ll keep my fingers crossed there will be a new line style entity that function just like Materials, but on edges in a year or two or 10, and will stay away from this feature until then.


Anyone found a link to a changelog somewhere by any chance? Curious to read what has been fixed/changed


Here you go maxB -


Well at least we do not have the disappearing text-bug anymore! I like the ‘press Enter’ to edit a component feature.


Wow! The new version looks awesome. I’m also excited that it’s cheaper. I can afford the pro version now. :grinning:


I agree SketchUp did a great job with the pricing model!

We should see more people getting the Pro version now. :grin:


I see the big price jump between Pro and Studio but the only difference I see is inclusion of Sefaira.

Other than Sefaira, is there any other differences between the two in the core SU and Layout engines and functionality?


Keep in mind that if you buy a subscription, you actually buy a one year-access-to-SketchUp. If you, for ever what reason, decide not to prolong the subscription, you’ll still have access to SketchUp Free (or Make, if you have installed it) but no longer to Pro.


It’s my understanding that the only difference between the Pro and Studio subscription is indeed the inclusion of Sefaira


No, the only difference is Sefaira.
Btw. The price difference($900) was about the price of a subscription on Sefaira-analysis.

So, existing Sefaira users will end up with a Studio license.


Sometimes it’s easier to pay a smaller amount, even if it’s a yearly fee. Hopefully I can figure out a way to make some money with the pro version if I do end up buying it. I’ve been watching some business classes on Youtube.


Hi SketchUp Team,
Congratulations on the new launch, and 10+ for dashed lines.
Cannot wait to dig in.
Best, Lindsey


…and dashed hopes!


Congratulations! Cannot wait to get into it and explore the new features! :smiley:


Congratulations and thank you for this great update. Good to have subscriptions and dashed lines, finally!

Some disappointment: I was really hoping for a compact-single window UI on macOS, and there’s no support for Magic Mouse yet.

Oh WOW! Dashed lines and a new revolutionary tape measure tool! I never dared to dream about it!!!