SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work



Congratulations about the release. A little disappointed that the new support for MacOS Mojave doesn’t include dark mode.


Hey Marco: have you tried using the Mac keyboard shortcut Control + Command to mimic the three-button mouse scroll wheel behavior of mid-operation orbiting? I think this essentially mimics that SketchUp behavior missing in the Magic Mouse.

But yes, a classic three-button mouse is still the best way to use SketchUp. :slight_smile:


Hi Mark, yes. This is a yearly discussion now :slight_smile: I’m trying to be listened since 2010.

Personally, I use a 3D connexion CAD mouse, but the Magic Mouse is a native Mac mouse, everyone who own a Mac use it, especially in education markets.

Blender and Rhinoceros did an excellent job in Magic Mouse support: click and hold the right mouse button invokes Orbit.

Moreover, a Mac user must be able to zoom in and out with a pinch gesture on a Magic Trackpad


I actually made a feature request for categories in the 3D Warehouse, so I’m really excited about the update. This is going to make searching the Warehouse so much easier. Thank you!

Also, it’s nice that there’s still an option to add a classic license if you prefer.


This is an exciting announcement but begs a couple of questions. One is compatibility. I have been delaying upgrading to OS Mojave in case it didn’t play nicely with SU. Will SU 2019 be compatible with both Mojave and High Sierra?

My other question is to do with timing. I pay for SU yearly (I thought it was effectively a subscription service but it appears not). I would have to search back to see when my licence expires. Would I start paying on subscription from the point of sign up (effectively wasting whatever remains of my current licence) or would payment only start from expiry of licence?


SketchUp often supports the last 3 macOS release, as again this time. So users who have El Capitan or below either have to upgrade the OS, or try SU2019 on their own risk that it might not work (and not getting offical support), or not upgrade to SU 2019.

I would think this is very unlikely (and disappointing if it were like this), but only the SketchUp/Sales Team can confirm.


Yes. SU 2019 supports Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra.


Congratulation on release! Looking at how long it have taken - I’m sure this one was not an easy one. (especially if it changed commercial model)

Just 2 cents - no information on migration from “classic” individual licenses to subscription model. (as for most of people it will be switching from $120 to $299 per year with very little extra benefits)


Hi Dimitry

We’re working on a loyalty program so stay tuned. We absolutely want to take care of our existing customers.

Also note that the Pro subscription has several very nice “values-add ons” such as access to the XR Viewer, the mobile viewers and Trimble Connect.



Thanks, really looking forward to see how it works! (as been chasing people for details for many months, and need to update my colleagues and set expectations right)

Sure. Although depending on workflow, some of it may have little value, especially in large offices (where this can be relevant only for several users).
HTC Vive viewer is great, one of my favourite ones.

Don’t get me wrong. I was always telling that Trimble Connect is a great and underrated part of SketchUp ecosystem, which potentially allows to bring all nice things together. Really great to see that it will have more “love” and attention now in terms of SketchUp features (e.g. support for LO files, which it lacks). And from my point of view, really interested to see more integration between Trimble products (e.g. with my new favourite toy - TX8 scanner).

Is it fully unlimited TC in SU Pro subscription (including unlimited projects and collaborators, TC viewer for mobile and Hololens) or only unlimited storage?


It’s connect for business - The mixed reality options are currently add ons.


So, I have SketchUp pro right now via the non profit pricing. The charity I work for is remodeling a community center and pursuing LEED certification on the project. Sefaira seems like it would be incredibly useful for us, but I’m not sure if our current plan would enable us to use it. Is there non profit pricing available?

I see higher education pricing. I happen to be a student fully enrolled atm, so I could go that route, but I can’t tell if there’s a difference between SketchUp Studio for students vs. SketchUp Studio for professionals. Is there one?


Thanks, Bryce! This makes sence.

From my experience (at least, currently) TC viewer for Hololes can handle bigger SketchUp models, compared to SketchUp viewer for Hololens. (obviosly, @MikeTadros can argue, that TC simplifies some things to achieve this) Shame it’s a separate addon…


EDIT: I just realized you purchase a non profit membership the same way you purchase an educational one through Creation Engine. Pretty straightforward. Still want to confirm that SketchUp Studio for students is the same thing as SketchUp Studio for non profits and that both of those are the same as SketchUp Studio for Professionals


SUP Classic v2019 (desktop) does support macOS v10.12/13/14.

The maintenance is not a subscription because it does not extend automatically but simply lapses at the end of the maintenance runtime.

The maintenance runtime can be evaluated at “SketchUp Pro > License…” (macOS) or via the SketchUp ‘License Manager’.

Just for clarification, your perpetual SUP Classic license does never expire but the maintenance only.


Not liking it! $120 to $299 for two new features? That’s a 150% increase in price per year for me. I don’t think so. I have had Sketchup since the first version, this is ridiculous.


I prefer the sub model, it works out cheaper in the long run (updating once every three years rather than once per year). But I would like to have seen lots more features in the 2019 release.
I hope now that we will see a continual update cycle, once the features I want appear I can just update.


…if you are late on releasing that’s one thing. I hope the interest of the money of all pre-financing subscribers (paid in sept-oct), served you well. BUT then so correct to have the “Maintenance & support expiration date” set on TODAY; 05 FEBR and NOT on 2019/11/09. ! YOU STEAL TWICE !


Deals and solutions for companies with multiple SketchUp users?


Hi Wltalbot! You can always upgrade your perpetual license for $120 if you want. See a short video on how to do that here:

However, if you are a subscriber, you’ll have automatic access to new features as we release them throughout the year.