Forced subscription

So, from November, that’s it, no more perpetual license + Maintenance, subscription only huh ?

Well, gee thanks ! All this is justified in the blah blah as being so as to give us more updates per year…
if they’re like the ones that made super crashes and waste us hours to roll back to the previous “stable” version…
If it means we will at last get a Layout that can cope with big complex SU models without the graphics card nearly melting between changing pages & has very much more fluid dimensioning and labelling tools… maybe, ok, seems reasonable.
If it means we FINALLY get proper alpha-numerical labelling features so as to use SU(+Layout) as a real BIM suite, then definitely yes !
But we’ve been waiting YEARS for these basic things & nada.
Do you really want us to leave and go (with a heavy heart) get hooked on REV(olting)It or Archicrade ?
Tell us sincerely Trimble, are you LISTENING ???


I have stated similar sentiments. Its premature unless they want to roll out some big changes like you listed. If the subscription was rolled out with some of these big changes I would be excited for it. As it stands it just costs more to have the same capability.


There are numerous other threads in this forum covering the issue… They are very lengthy, search for them and read to your hearts content.

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Sorry we share exactly the same opinion.

No, they don’t care about their customers and users. It’s just for more money.
If you had known SketchUp before Trimble, you could see the little evolution for a price already higher than before, with constraints on the use of the license.

For my part, I had been using SketchUp for almost 20 years. Since two years I started to invest time on another software.

I suggest you buy a last M&S ​​update ($ 125) like me, which will allow you to have SU2021 (I will keep it in reserve, I will not use it). And then to stop paying the following years, since your license has no more value. The 2021 update will probably be uninteresting, and the 2022 a little more, to attract subscriptions.
During this time, you will save your money and switch to other software. You have the choice. If you switch back to SketchUp on subscription, if you stop paying you will not access the current application.

Please note, read the terms carefully, especially on your data with the Trimble Connect Service, if you are using SketchUp Free or Shop.

For our part, we have identified other solutions. I learn and develop, so I have maybe 2/3 years to make the transition. But with Apple Sillicon and fastest performance I plan to abandon SketchUp + Layout before.

You are talking about BIM software, I saw something in perpetual license below $ 600 published on the forums by another user.


I don’t think @paddyclown is against subscribing if it meant that he would get good value for it. Let’s see if they come up with real added value in the transition period. In the mean time, the world around us is transitioning, too.
Keep an eye on both, I would suggest.

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I am not a subscription number, I am a user !



I bet SketchUp 6 was his favorite version.


Hi, I’m interested to know which BIM packages you might be looking at…
We will be keeping a close eye on what happens with SU2021; if it is as non plussing as 2020, I’m sure we’ll just keep an old version and run it till we are proficient at something else.
Big shame, as we’ve been regularly using SU since about 2007 or so & I personally first started using it sometime before…
Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
Best regards,

Correct: I have no beef against subscribing per se, but as stated, fear we will just pay more for less…

Ha bloody ha.
It would appear that you are a member of the Su team, so…
Instead of making snide remarks, you’d do better listening to your customers.
Some of us have been using SU for a long time & have actively defended SU to others in our profession (architects) who laugh at us for using what they call “amateur” software…
In regards to BIM capability, unfortunately, they may end up being right.
So just a piece of advice; don’t alienate those of us who could be you allies.
Help us to help you.


His comment was far from snide, the image shows Patric McGoohan whose character in the The Prisoner was Number Six.


Subscribing works with who you are, no serial numbers or authorisation codes needed.It is tired to a Trimble ID, not necessarily your personal email address, like with this forum, you can have access to multiple ID’s.

Me back in 1987, studying architecture…

Me in 2020, trying to explain to architects the benefits of collaboration


Exactly ! This was my experience too

It wasn’t a snide comment, I was showing off my knowledge of The Prisoner series. But you ought to agree anyway, I think you’ve said that updates back then were a lot better than lately. (correction, it wasn’t you in particular that said that, but as you had replied to my reply to someone else, I got mixed up about who I was replying to)

As a general point though, I do report feedback that is given here, to management and the right teams. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to come back and tell you what the plans are to answer the points that are raised.


The important word here is IF … yes, IF Trimble would fix LayOut and build it as a fully capable partner to SketchUp … yes, THEN this whole subscription scheme might make sense, and might be worth it!

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What software are you going to please. I’ve been using skp for a similar amount of time. And now perhaps it’s time to move on.
Does your new package allow integration with Maxwell or another genuinely photorealistic render engine?

look, I get we are all gutted about this sub gig with Trimble and I am still undecided how to move forward about it all, and i should not hijack this thread I know, but as a Revit seat holder since 2002, and because I use Revit and SU and Lumion and Twinmotion, I have to totally disagree with anyone who says Revit is revolting.
Revit is a beast - an incredible program and as an ex Carpenter prior to university study, it works like you build in the real world if you want to and if you don’t then that is OK. I used AutoCAD LT for a couple of years and a drawing board out of uni prior to that and Revit as a tool for doing the AEC work is fundamentally “the man”.
I also began learning ArchiCAD 22 last year and find it is nothing like Revit in terms of ease of use as they are both quite different in approach even thought they do essentially the same stuff. AC is limiting - in Revit or SU or MODO I can make anything I want, but in AC ? come on you are coming to the brick wall - it is not available online in some BB or repository, you will be fudging whatever it is that you are trying to represent or log, whereas in Revit i can make anything I want with no special knowledge other than some math and trig for some things, and I can make anything in SU and mix things in and out and add data where needed and for those who want to learn the DC methods in SU, that adds options.
Granted, if User does not know how to use Revit, (as with any application) then it will be frustrating - I wish I had more time to sit down and learn all of the ins and outs of DC in SU, but I cannot condemn SU because I have a lack of understanding about parts of it and how best to optimize any particular workflow.


Until now I do 100% with SketchUp + Layout (+ rendering plugin).

At the end of the year I will try to do 70% SketchUp + Layout. And in next year 0%.

Fortunately, since 3 years, I invest time in Rhino Grasshopper with lot of development, in reaction to the poor improvement in SketchUp updates.
Computational design (simple drawings + algorithm plugged) is creasy about time and productivity. I can do things in seconds compared to half or one hour drawing in SketchUp.

Of course SketchUp UI is the best, but Computational design is magic.

Since Trimble announcement about forced subscription, I am lookin at Blender.

These are some of my options. There others solution for other profiles.



I am not involved into BIM, but I see on this forum someone who publish a link to a 3D BIM app under 600$ for first limited version (perpetual license !). I had watched a video very interesting, but I don’t find the name of this application and don’t remember…

Yeah I got one of those from a different member and I also didn’t appreciate it.