SketchUp hangs when scaling architectural model imported from dxf



I downloaded a dxf of an architectural drawing of a sliding window from It seems to import into SketchUp 2017 (and 2016). The problem is that it was drawn in inches and the model I’m trying to insert it into is in feet & inches. The model is 12x what it’s supposed to be.

The problem is if I scale it by 0.0833 (=1/12), it hangs SketchUp.UltraDoubleSlidingWindow-UltraDoubleSlidingWindow-HorizontalSection-Double4916JambDoublePane.dxf (876.4 KB)

  1. To reproduce, use File/Import to load the DXF file.
  2. Right-click and Explode the model.
  3. Delete the frame and then select the drawing.
  4. Select the Scale tool.
  5. Choose a corner of the selected items, then type 0.08333 as the scale factor.


I just get a white browser window when I click on your link. Wait, and wait, and wait … and nothing happens.

Something’s wrong with the link. Could you re-post it, and check that it works for you at least?


PS. Tried getting it from the site, but can’t work out which model series to look in.

Can’t find a model that corresponds to the description in your url.


That wouldn’t be a problem. Your model must be in feet, not feet and inches.


change your import units to inches and it will come in at the correct size…



yep basically all you have to do is to change it to inches and that should do it :slight_smile:


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