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I recently tried Sketchup Pro for thirty days. I liked very much, however I’m a woodworking hobbyist so I don’t have the need for such an extensive program. I was told by Sketchup that the Go would be very similar and have the same type of large tool side bar etc. I purchased it but had issues logging in. It kept saying my trial was over even though $119 was already taken from my account. When I wanted to cancel my subscription I was very difficult. I couldn’t open all the drawings I made before which were for a gun cabinet. They were very extensive drawings. Can anyone tell me if the tools are like the Pro version and is there a way to get my drawings to print. I want a subscription that would allow me to sell prints for item I make if possible. Thanks for any help.

I did like you with the Pro trial and then when it was up chose Go for similar reasons to you. I was able to load it following the instructions Installing SketchUp | SketchUp Help . I was able to open up the file I had made in the trial and print
the skp files. The icons in Go are the same as in Pro but just located in different places. I found it easy to adjust. This is a great forum and I got many questions answered here. Good luck.

You must be in the wrong place if you are seeing something about a trial , For SketchUp go you need to visit

Hello, I went to the forum for help, I wanted to see if the Go was similar to the Pro I tried for thirty days

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to get rid of you :slight_smile: I missed the part saying you had canceleld.
Take a look at to see a slightly cut back version of Sketchup Web - see if that has the tools you need - the Paid version has a few extra bits and more importantly is licensed for the commercial work you describe.

You can see the differences between Free and Web here
What’s included with SketchUp Go | SketchUp Help

This video is a couple of years old now, but it’s an overview of what is different between the web version and the desktop version:

Most tools in the large tool set used on desktop are also in the web version, but you get to them in a different way. Both web and desktop have a search option, click on the dog icon and type what it is you’re trying to find, that will give a list that you can pick from to choose that tool or option.

SketchUp Go has the same basic toolset of SketchUp Pro however Go has no option to add extensions and LayOut is not included.

You can print images of your projects if that’s what you by getting your drawings to print. If you are wanting to make shop drawings or other documentation, you’ll want SketchUp Pro. If you need cutlists for your shop drawings and don’t want to make those manually, you’ll need Pro. If your woodworking projects have complex geometry, you’ll want Pro.