Returning to Sketchup - Confused

A few months ago I used the free version of Sketchup for a project. Now I’m revisiting it, but on a rebuilt PC so I needed to reinstall Sketchup. And apparently, the ‘free’ version is now a web application - with no printing ability. Is this correct - no way to print from Sketchup ‘free’?

You can still install 2017 Make (free version).

Thanks. I just started getting back into this, can’t even recall what ‘Make’ was about, but I’ll review it.

The SketchUp free is for phone use basically to build up interest a tool to expose SketchUp and draw more people to it. Every desktop version of SketchUp starts out with all the Pro tools and functions. Export / import options and Lay Out.

After the first 30 days it loses the Pro functionality if you don’t buy the license. For some this is fine. As 2/3 of the tools are still of use, only the parts that you could benefit commercially from are diminished.

That’s where I got confused. On my desktop PC I went to the Sketchup site, and was ‘steered’ to the Free version when I said I was a home user. I couldn’t see a downloadable free version. So I downloaded Pro since I only needed to make a couple of prints and probably won’t be starting a new project for a while.

For SketchUp 2018, there is only the Pro version. Unlike older versions, Pro does not revert to Make when the 30-day trial expires.

2.5. Trial Software.
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may choose to download SketchUp Pro for a trial period for 30 days from the date the Software is first run (unless otherwise agreed by Trimble in writing) (the “Trial Period”), without charge, solely for your evaluation purposes of its functionality. The time remaining during the trial will be displayed within the Software. Upon the expiration of the Trial Period, the Software will automatically cease to operate.

cool … glad you got where you needed to get!! …Peace…

my bad I has been the answer for the last so many years it is habit

Sadly, I’m now even more confused.

So the only ‘free’ version is the web version - and it can’t print anything? To make a paper print you have to buy Pro?

download Make 2017, it’s still available for non-commercial use…


If you want a 2D image of a view you can always take a screenshot and print that from any image manipulation application.

On a Mac:


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