SketchUp Go Bugs iPadOS 16.2

SketchUp app for iPad, keeps crashing. I’ve restarted the app and the IPad, and even reset my iPad. had Apple run diagnostics, and they found no issues.

While drawing, the app just stops. It won’t allow any input, and can’t save the file. Occasionally, I will tap a tool icon, and not only will the tool not work, but the icon follows my pencil to a new location. If the push/pull tool doesn’t work, I might try to use select tool, only to find that the push/pull icon is sitting on top of the select icon.

I am on Go but not iPad. Your profile says you’re on Pro not Go. Please correct it by going to the G at the top right, click, go to the person icon then preferences, profile and then make your update and click on save. Your profile helps the experts to help you. Sometimes, the same thing happens to me when I am on Go. It usually is when I am working on very small edges and faces or nested groups/components. From reading this forum, SU was not designed for working in such tight spaces. It helps me when I am having that problem to move/copy the component, scale it up 100 or more times, edit it, until it becomes solid, take it out of edit, single click on it erase the enlarged component, and then the small component is solid. The experts can tell you more if you attach your model. Select Home, Download, Skp, drag and drop it into your reply. Good luck.

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