Sketchup Fundamentals course certification

this is my first post in the community and I don’t know if it is the right place or there is another similar topic to refer to.
I just completed the “Sketchup Foundamentals” course in the Campus.
I see other customers received a certificate of frequency for this course.
Where to download it?
In this Smartworking period for COVID-19 I’m frequenting these courses from home and I need to prove to the boss that I followed them once I got back to the office.
Could you help me?
Thank you in advance.


Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make. If that’s true, maybe there isn’t any certification available for you. Since you are using SketchUp for work you would need a Pro or Shop license.

Hi DaveR,
thank you for your reply.
Yes, at home (with my personal profile) I use Sketchup Make but at work we have a Pro license.
Ok for the certification but at the moment I only need an official paper indicating that in these days I have followed the courses.
Does exists any document from Sketchup?
Thank you.

try from the 30 day Pro trial and see if it lets you keep tab…

or ask your boss to transfer the key until you return to work…


What kind of key or licence do he need to follow the course???

I don’t think he needs any sort of license to follow the course but it may be that he needs one to get a certificate of completion. I got certificates after completing the course but I was signed in with my pro license.

I see. But still I don’t belíve if pro licence necessary…


However I don’t think you need to prove anything with any kind certificate at all… :grinning:

Thank you all.
I can check with the license if it makes differences.


I checked both the solutions (first the 30 day trial and then I transferred the Pro license on my personal account) but no results.

From where you download them?

For the courses, you will need a Trimble ID. Everyone can get a Trimble ID, it is not tied to a license. (Licenses can be tied to a Trimble ID, though)
If you were following, you should have been logged in, to keep ‘enrolling’ statuses etc.and get the certificate at the end.
However, there were some troubles lately with playing the vids and to deal with that specific problem was not to be signed in…

Yes, I create an account and followed the videos with the account but at the end of the courses I haven’t find a way to download the certificate.
Do I need to follow the video without login?
In this way can I download the certificate?