Official SketchUp Certification

SketchUp Certification. Does anyone know if there is a certification for SketchUp? All the best, Transom (Steve S.)

The SketchUp campus courses have certificates of completion. But maybe you are thinking of Sloped?



if you’re looking for an official trimble-approved certification then no.

any private place that will teach you sketchup can give you a certificate, but trimble won’t certify people.


During 2019 we did a road show, going to four cities to do two days of intro to SketchUp training. There was some sort of certificate the attendees were given.

@TheOnlyAaron may remember what it was they received.

We have done certificates for in person training in the past, but they were more certificates of completion (as there was not a test to be passed or verification to be done to get the certificate). We do want to offer official certification and hope to be able to talk more about how that would look soon!

nice !

May I know if there is any link can get back my digital cert (that i took the course from authorised centre)?

What authorised center?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free for which there would be no certification from anyone. The rest of your profile is nonsense. Please fix your forum profile with complete and correct information.

Just confirming 3DxJFD’s comment here. I’m one of the Sloped founders, and we’ve created a certification for SketchUp so that when businesses hire freelancers who say they are ‘SketchUp pros’, they actually mean it.

Our process starts with a pre-qualifying free quiz . If you pass this, then you can take one of our exams. The exam is a 3 hour recorded video call where you are given a set of construction drawings of a simple building. The goal is for you to re-create this building with all of the appropriate groups and tags, and set it up in LayOut, imitating the original set of drawings provided.

There are different categories of exams. So far, we have architecture, interior design and cabinet design.