Accredited Sketchup Courses

Hi All,

Do you know if there are any accredited sketchup courses available either by timble directly, or, via an educational institute?

Thanks in advance,

officially accredited no.

there are some companies that have created certifications but then again, not officially endorsed by trimble.
same deal with courses, in your country you’ll find a lot of courses and classes but you won’t find and official Trimble course for sketchup
(I’m talking actual course with actual professor, there is the SU campus off course)

In general, softwares companies don’t offer an official course, they delegate to training companies. as of certifications, some do / used to do, but again, it’s easier for them to simply delegate.

So the good question here is… where are you ? because I can give you a contact in marseille, bordeaux or aix en provence, bu unless you’re in france, it won’t help you :wink:

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