Free SketchUp Certificate of Competence

hi guys,
i’m requesting a free online international sketchup certificate.
can any one help me with this please? :smirk:

Smirk ?

Are you requesting a license ?

i intent to apply for a new job,and i need an official certificate to show it to the managers with my sketchup work :grinning:

Oh OK, these would only be available after completing coursework by a registered SketchUp training entity.

Maybe you can show some of your work (web gallery) instead of the certifcate to them?

what do you mean by (wen gallery)?
i am planning to move to Canada & work there.if i apply for a job in 3d modeling there,just show them my works?or must i have some official certificates or licenses in Sketchup?

thanks DanRathbun ,
can you please send me the link so i can register?

Sorry, I’ve corrected it to web gallery…

the offic. training centers for commercial SketchUp trainings (local/online) at least for the US can be found here, am not sure why the rest of the world is missing.


We don’t currently have any official SketchUp certification process. That may be confusing as we did in times past, and for that matter hope to bring it back in the future, but it doesn’t exist right now.

Some trainers and international training programs will provide you a certificate for completing their training which is fine, but that’s for completing training.

Sorry, but good luck with your job!

SketchUp Training Manager


In my 34 1/2 years in the Aeor-space business I do not recall one instance of hiring some one base on the computer program they could use. I personally have a number of training certs. covering GPS system design from UC at Irvine, phased array antenna design from Georgia tech. and many more and not one used to land a job. I hired new grads and PhD’s and would schedule company technical experts to spend time with them for the more experienced folks and new grads mostly my self.
Unless you are applying to a company specifically requesting a SU modeler that is fine , but for others you do not want to be seen as a one trick pony since chances are they may not use SU.
I usually planned on our engineering dept. train new hires. .

If you want to work in 3d modeling examples of your work using various 3D software could be helpful and I would upload models to a on line sharing site like Drop Box so they could open and have you step through what you know. They may even have test cases for you. That will answer the cert question very quickly.
Just some thoughts for you. Make sure you spend some time making a good resume.
Good Luck


Thanks mac7595,
Very appreciate your guidance
By the way I work in multiple programs beside Sketchup like(Vray,Lumion, Lumenrt), and I have already a link represents my CV work.
thank to you again &good luck to all.

hellow my name is manish,leave in surat ,india
so please help me get google sketchup certification. as job perpose

@manishthigale1881 , Google sold SketchUp to Trimble in 2012.

@TysonK, any changes since summer of 2015 ?

In The US and Canada, there aren’t any changes, we still don’t have official certification, however, internationally, we have turned the certification process over to our local distributors, so if you are working with an official SketchUp distributor or one of their resellers, then they have authority to certify you in that region.

We don’t have a single resource that would list or verify trainers or resellers around the world, and not all distributors mange a local training, but that’s the current status.


hello! is there any news about this topic?

It would be useful to have a professional certification by Trimble just as Autodesk does. That would give more credibility and professionalism to the market while you have to actually master the software and not only be an user.

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Thanks Dan for the links. To answer the question of certification, we don’t offer it and don’t have updates on when/ if we will. You are certainly correct in suggesting it would be really valuable. We did try to build some out at one point, but ran into development problems on our current platform, and that’s as far as it ever got.

1 Like offers certificates, why not host it, there?

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Haha, I was wondering/ guessing someone might bring that up. Yes, learn.trimble is built on Docebo, and that platform is a very robust LMS, certainly capable of certifications.

I won’t elaborate on the many internal discussions we’ve had around learn.trimble. The folks that manage that site are a dedicated and very passionate team, they really believe in making it a great resource. I have nothing but the best to say about that team. Like most of us, they are a very small team working on a very huge project.

However, despite great efforts all around, it’s not the platform we want to build Campus on, for many, many reasons. Aside from the platform, we don’t have the bandwidth to create the certification courses currently. We essentially have 1 content person, and a huge backlog of content that needs doing.

Ultimately, probably anything I say will sound like an excuse, but I also don’t want to suggest it’s “coming soon” or something. It’s really not, the resource/ priority ratio means it’s still on my radar, but not anytime soon.

Sucks, I know.

(Not to be all negative, we do have some exciting stuffs in the works regarding Campus…)