SketchUp Freezes

SketchUp Pro for iPad freezes up after working on model short time!

I’ve noticed that the model stops responding rather frequently as well. Closing and reopening the model will fix it (for a while at least).

@Huston @leedumond We’re working to get to the bottom of some of the reports we’ve been hearing along these lines…

There are a number of potential causes… so I’m hoping you both might be able to offer us a bit more info about your setup so that we can narrow our search & figure out what might be going on.

  1. What model iPad are you working with?
  2. How large are the models you’re working on (in terms of MB)?
  3. What is your autosave cadence set to and is it possible that the ‘freeze-up’ coincides with that autosave interval? (you can find this in the preferences panel, the default is set to 5 minutes)
  4. Where do the models that you’re working on live? Meaning, are they saved locally on your iPad, or are they stored in Connect, or are they stored in some other cloud service (like Dropbox or GDrive)?

Thanks in advance for any additional info you’re able to provide!

  1. IPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th generation
  2. Pretty small, < 300 kb
  3. 5 minutes. Can’t really tell if the freeze up coincides with the autosave because there’s no way I am aware of to tell that an autosave is happening
  4. Stored on Trimble Connect. I have noticed that connectivity to Connect is pretty hit or miss. Not sure if that has anything to do with it?

Mike –

Please see below…

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@Huston @leedumond thanks for the additional clues.

New favor(s) to ask:

  1. Please install the v6.0.5 update that launched earlier today, from the App Store – with any luck, the issues you’re seeing will be resolved.
  2. If, on the other hand, the issues persist, please launch the app, navigate to the Feedback tab on the Home screen, and send an email from within the app.
  3. The in-app email template includes some metadata about your Trimble Account that we can use to try to further diagnose the actions that are leading to the freeze-up you’re experiencing.

Again, thanks so much for your patience as we work to figure out what’s going on, and get it resolved.

Ok, will do.

@Huston @leedumond I was emailing with another user yesterday who seems to be having a similar problem. After some back and forth, we began exploring Apple Pencil settings. This other user had their pencil double tap settings set to switch between current tool and last used. After setting it to switch between current tool and eraser (see below), things seem to have improved. I’m now curious about your pencil settings and whether any changes here might alleviate the issues your seeing as well. If so, that might help us further narrow in on the root cause (and a subsequent fix)

Mine is and has always been set to Eraser.

Hi, my file is 72.6MB now, on Ipad Pro 5th Gen. (M1)

I was designing 3 story, 3 unit house.

Excited with SU for Ipad and switched from Ipad pro 4th just for it,
when the file was about 24.5MB (as i was starting to import furniture from 3d warehouse and started to lag a little bit)

It looked like the file was freezing every 5 min. (Probably at autosave) but now is freezing around every 2 min. Not that much of difference comparing with when I was using Ipad pro 4th Gen.

It also freezes when I am looking through items at 3d warehouse.

Advantage of Intuitive, easy UI of Ipad seems to diminish comparing with my laptop (16gb ram with rtx 3060 ti Gpu) where the navigating is more steady smooth with the same file.

I am not an expert at SU, but I really hope the performance on Ipad gets better as time goes on. (Or am I asking too much and maybe I switch to my PC (or laptop) when the file gets bigger?)

Still, enjoying on Ipad since only one crash (lost some of works) even though many freezes (no loss of works though, just patience needed) so far.


I rarely see these freezing everyone is talking about. I’m using the iPad for different things than the desktop, therefore I might get simpler models. I also have an M1 iPad.

Well, regarding my complain/worries above, I have to take them back after Joseph from
The SketchUp Team reply to my email with some guideline.

After I turned off ‘Profile’ which was set to ‘2’ (from the beginning I guess),
there is absolutely no lag and no freeze so far.

I think novice to Sketchup like me, have to know this.

Now I can sleep well. Thanks!!

Not sure where this Profile setting exists…

Choose Styles from the right of the screen (its icon is a box and a cylinder), and expand Edge Settings, then turn off Profiles. Demanding models will then be less demanding.

Can someone explain what Profiles are, or what this setting does?

They are visual aids to emphasize surroundings of entities when viewed from different angles.
It can help to distinguish objects with a thicker linewidth than the standard, non changeable linethickness.

In theory, you can have three different linewidths:
1=the standard line width
Profiles and section cuts which can be set as a factor of the standard.

These are used to scale in LayOut, for instance.

Well it seems that if you want to have these then turning them off is not an ideal solution. I will try it out though.

I wouldn’t turn them completely off. Turning it to more than 1 lags a bit, even in desktop, but I never noticed any lag with profiles turned to 1.

I have imported too many items from 3d warehouse without checking its size or number of polygons.
Setting profile to 1 still lags a little, but i do not mind how the model looks like when i turn it off.
I have to check size of items from 3d warehouse in the future before importing.