Sketch Up for iPad crashes with I save / autosave

For the last 4 days, this specific model I’ve been working on has been crashing. At first I thought it was the app entirely. Then I realized it only happened with this model. When it would only happen sometimes. In the last 2 days I noticed every time, my auto saved was saving my work on this model, the app would crash completely - losing my work, from the last autosave. I turned off autosave, thinking maybe there was an updated that caused a autosave glitch. But when i went to manually save on that model the same issue persisted. Again, all my other models are fine. My guess at the model is I likely downloaded a product from the 3D model, that’s glitching as I’ve been working on this on and off for weeks and this is the first time this has happened to me. So then i tried to delete some recent downloads just to be sure and when to save and purge unused or just save - you guessed it - it crashes again.

If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it. I new to using this program and could likely be missing something.