Please help, it crashes all the time

The problem below started to appear from time to time after I made sure to subscribe :

  • Frequent crashes, even when editing files that are relatively light (<20mb)
  • There is an autosave option, but there is no output in the form of a recovery file when a crash occurs. Waste of work.
  • This is the weirdest. When a crash occurs and I re-open the application, Sketchup immediately displays the file I last edited, the conditions correspond to the time of the crash, nothing is missing. However, the tools are limited, such as going back to the sketchup viewer only version when I wasn’t subscribed. and when I choose to press home there is no option or offer to save the last editing update. It just came out and the result was the last file update yesterday. Waste of work.

These 3 things can happen many times a day. And it’s definitely a waste of my time, totally against my original purpose of subscribing to this app. And I find it strange because this never happened during the trial period, I edited a file with a size of almost 50mb without any problems. So I’m sure to subscribe.

  • The device I use is iPad Air 4

Mine keeps crashing on the Ipad version too. However, for me, it wipes all my work since the previous save. It’s very annoying.

Have you received any help with your issue? My SU keeps crashing on my iPad Pro — relatively lite files. When I use the markup tool, then try saving the file, it will crash at save. This wasn’t an issue until recently — wondering if its related to any OS updates.

Sketchup, we would appreciate a response.

Thank you

Are y’all submitting bug splats or reports to SketchUp when these happen?
I would also advise making sure you are on the latest version - we have a lot of people submitting error reports and we try to push out updates ASAP to fix any big issues.

I also have issue whit Sketchup on my ipad Pro, I cannot open a file, it crashes all the time.

Which iPad is it, and which iPadOS version?

Ipad pro, IOS 15.7.1

Can you check if your iPad can use iPadOS 16? The recent updates to SketchUp took advantage of memory improvements in iOS/iPadOS 16.

I’m trying find these with @AudreyBonjour, and will update here when I know more.