Model Stops Responding

I’ve had several times now where the model portion of the screen stops responding even though the controls keep working. It seems to be around using the follow-me, but not always.

I’ll have hightlighted a surface or sime other event and then try to rotate the model and it won’t respond. The Apple Pencil is working because I can select other tools and even highlight things. I just can’t move the model around or make any changes.

Extremely frustrating

If I close and open the model it usually fixes itself.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Isn’t it when the airwave kicks in?

@JQL did you mean to say “when autosave kicks in”?

Yup… My phone prefers airwaves to autosaves

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@randy.mennie If you’re working on a large model, and you suspect that the hitch might be related to the model freezing up when Autosave kicks in, please let me know.
We’ve identified the need to offer a visual indication that lets users know that an autosave takes place, and we have a ticket on the board for improvements along those lines.

Thanks Mike. I’ll keep an eye on whether it could be autosave that’s causing the freezeup.


I’ve had a similar issue on my 4th gen iPad Pro. Either the model doesn’t respond or in some cases the tools don’t respond, but the model does. Generally I can save my work ,but I have to force quit SketchUp. If I close the model and reopen it the issue may or may not have resolved.

I’ve noticed this pretty regularly as well… nothing responds, need to close and reopen the model to continue working…