Sketchup freezes and stops responding

Hello guys,

I’m having tiny freezes (“not responding”) everytime an action is made in sketchup 2020, the file i’m using is not even 30mo …

checkup shows this weird stuff saying there is no ram

Pc is a brand new Dell Precision 3630 Tower with a quadro P2200

Sketchup is set to use the gpu in nvidia pannel (and not intergrated graphics)
gpu drivers are up to date

What can i do please help

Does this happen with all files or just one? Post the file giving issues to the forum, maybe someone can figure it out, other wise it is a guessing game.

Did this just start? I know nothing about Windows, but it looks like a bad install? We often see wise advice from the sages on here about running the installer “as administrator”. Apparently one must right click on the installer and choose run as admin. There is an option to repair as well I think. A bit of searching here on the forum should find this info.

@endlessfix @RLGL Thank you both for replying.
It’s the same problem for multiples files, no changes after re-installing “as administrator” already tried that. Even after doing full drivers update with Dell SupportAssit (including Bios)

, But the worse thing is I have exactly the same problem on a different computer with a fresh install of sketchup ! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

ensure that the recent Quadro driver version is installed first, if this doesn’t help disable “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use fast Feedback” second.

go to “Window > Model Info > Statistics” and try if cleaning and purging the model helps.

Can you share on of your files? I know is may seem like it is not the file, but we have seen cases before where something saved into a template is causing problems. Since it is in the template, every file created fromt he template has the same problem. If nothing else, this can rule out a file issue.

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