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I’m new to SketchUp Pro. I downloaded the software to my computer, but I am not able to access anything in Pro other than a page that shows SketchUp Forum, Campus, and Videos. Shouldn’t I be able to create designs in this space or is that only available in Layout? My subscription is active as of today. Is there a delay in accessing the software?


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You should.

How did you install SketchUp?

You need to find the downloaded installer .exe file, then R click on that, and select Run as Administrator. That is NOT the same as being logged in as an Administrative user.

If you didn’t use Run as Administrator when you first installed the program, find the installer and run it again using that, and choose Repair when you get the option.

NOT using Run as Administrator can lead to all sorts of weird misbehaviours in SU.

The program starts with a ‘splash screen’ inviting you to choose a template to start modelling - there’s a selection, to get you going in US Customary/Imperial units of inches, feet and inches, or decimal feet, or in metric units of metres or millimetres. The program won’t open until you have chosen one. That may have been your problem.

Pick any one to start with.

Hope that gets you started. If not, come back to the forum, and perhaps include an image of the screen you get when you start SketchUp.

You should see something like this

You sound as if you are seeing this, as if you had clicked on Learn instead of Files::

Click on Files to see the former screen, choose a template, and off you go.

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I ran it as an Administrator as you suggested. Thank you John_mcclenahan. I really appreciate it.

Glad to help. Hope you are now able ro start drawing.