Layout 2019 Not opening

Trying to set up SU and Layout with Templates. Set Up SU OK but when I try to open Layout nothing happens. Any bright solutions?

Did you install SketchUp 2019 by right clicking on the installer exe and selecting Run as administrator?

By what method are you trying to open LayOut?

Could you check LayOut’s startup preferences?


No Dave I don’t believe I did. I just installed it on a link I was sent. How do I rectify it? Do I need to uninstall it and reinstall it?

Find the installer file. It’s probably in your Downloads folder. Make sure SketchUp is closed. Right click on the installer and choose Run as Administrator. It’ll pop up a window in a moment asking what you want to do. Choose Repair.

Can’t see it in downloads. It is the Apps & Features list. But has 2 options Modify or Uninstall. Modify greyed out so does nothing.

Open Chrome, go to and download it properly to your computer’s Downloads folder. Then do as above.

I have the Set up Wizard window - next?

Click Next

Thank you Dave. It seems to be working now.

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From what I’ve been seeing with a number of different programs, best practice is to first make sure you have the installer file in your Downloads folder so you can access it and then only run it by right click and Run as administrator. I’ve had several other programs that didn’t work right with the old fashioned double click to start the installer. Using Run as administrator fixed 'em right up.