Sketchup Free Online Suddenly Deleted all my Files after password change?

I have SketchUp pinned as a tab. The most recent time I tried to click on it, an error message showed up, saying that I need to contact my administrator. When I tried to log out/log back in, it didn’t recognize my password…so I reset it. Now, when I log in to get to work, it loads for a quick moment, as if my files are going to show up…then they disappear. Trimble Connect also shows a rainbow panda, saying that there is an error. I need these files. How do I get them back?

And no, it’s not the wrong email - triple checked.

I’d bet my lunch money your files were not deleted. Currently there appears to be an outage with Trimble Connect. See:

You shouldn’t be using SketchUp Free for your work, though.

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I know :frowning: I need to upgrade and pay…I just can’t afford it quite yet. (It’s on the books for next month.) The files even start to load for a second. Then they disappear as if I were a new user.

See my edit, above.

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The Status site now shows Trimble Connect to be operational again.

It’s back!! Thank you Dave

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