Sketchup Free Memory Issues

Because I cannot afford SketchUp Pro at this stage I elected to work with the Free version. I’m working on a new iMac 21.5 in with macOS Catalina installed. Memory is 8 GB 2133 MHz DDR4.

My issue with my Sketchup project having to be worked on the Trimble web site is that I’m frequently getting a message claiming “this web page is using a large amount of energy” and sometimes reloads unexpectedly because “this web page was using significant memory.”

Is there anyway around this issue. These stop starts get tiring.

For your hobby use SketchUp Free should be fine. You could also use SketchUp 2017 Make

Do you have your computer set to somehow conserve energy? Are your models geometry intensive?

I get similar issues with when in Safari. If you’re using Safari you could try Chrome, and see if that handles the memory demands better.

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Thanks Colin. I’ve been using Chrome for years and changed to Safari when I purchased the new iMac. I’ll go back to Chrome and see how that works. Thanks for the suggestion.

G’day Dave, I can’t see that my computer has been set to conserve energy beyond the default settings. And when my project file is about 550MB, I guess it could be considered geometry intensive. I don’t know how to simply it more than it is.

550 Mb seems excessive for most SketchUp models. What is it you’re modeling?

You could try purging unused components, materials, and styles from the model. Go into each of those panels and click the Purge button at the bottom. Purge unused components before you purge unused materials.

Depending on the model, it could be that some of the objects themselves could be simplified, too.

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My error. Before I opened the latest file I checked its ‘details’ and now find the file to 125 MB in size.

Thanks for the tip for purging unused components, etc. Will give it the old college try.

Even 125 could be large depending on the model.

I’ve opened Components in Model and can see from the thumbnails there are quire a few I’ve downloaded to use then decided not to. But I cannot find anywhere that indicates I have the option to delete or purge those files.

It’s at the bottom of the panel.

GREAT!! Thanks. I’ll now try purging files.

The file size is now 89 MB after purging. Terrific. Many, many thanks, Dave.

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Did you also purge materials and styles?

Yes, except that when it came to Materials, it looks as if I was left with an array of ‘default’ materials that appear whenever I select that section. Can I purge some more by directly selecting them then hit purge?

Like components and styles, materials will only be purged if they aren’t being used in the model space. Note if you have groups or components in your model (you should) and you’ve painted the faces inside and the group/component wrappers, only the face materials will be visible. The material on the wrapper will still be considered in use, though.

If you want to get rid of the materials painted on the group or component wrappers, select them and then sample from an unpainted object and apply the default material to the selection.

Thanks. That all makes perfect sense. I’m used to working with Adobe Photoshop, etc. Will scaling down my project reduce the size of the file?

Scaling down as in making the dimensions smaller? No. That won’t have any impact on file size. Reducing the number of entities–edges and faces–will reduce file size. Purging unused components and materials will reduce file size. It doesn’t matter if an object is one inch long or one meter, though. If it has the same number of edges and faces and the same material applied to it, it will consume the same number of bytes.

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Hmmm, thanks. That makes SketchUp a lot different to Photoshop. Okay then, I’ve finished phase one of my project and getting it ready to show the client. Will apply smoothing improve the overall look of the design, if so, is this something I can apply as a ‘sweeping’ command or do I have to apply it individually to components? Will that overcome the lines that comprise a component or does “hiding” them the way to go? I’ve never had to carry a job through to this final stage before.

That’s like comparing a sailboat to a fishhook. They are designed to do different things and the only thing they have in common is the water. SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. Photoshop is an image editor.

It might. I still haven’t the slightest idea of what you are modeling nor how you’ve gone about modeling it.

You would need to open the components for editing to make any modifications. It might be that triple clicking on a component and then right clicking on it and selecting Soften/Smooth is all it needs. Or maybe it needs something more.

Hiding might also be useful but maybe not.

If you shared the model so we could see what you are working on, it would help.

How do I share the model?