SketchUp Free | Are files kept private?

Dear SketchUp Community,

I have created a free account and I have some concerns about how personal data is managed for personal non-comercial-use free plans.

I’m a DIY project enthusiast and, for so, I’m looking for a free to use platform to make 3D models of my projects.

I do not plan to comercialice any of this projects, as they are intended for personal use solely.

My concerns here are that, if I store a project with the SketchUp Free, making us of the included Trimble Connect Personal plan, are my files kept privately or are they freely and publicly accessible to other users?

This concern comes due to the fact that I was trying a similar service, the Onshape Free Plan, and in that service all files created with the free non-comercial-use plan are stored publicly and available to all the other users of the platform.

This leads me to the following concern, that is that, even when I don’t plan to monetize my projects, I don’t want anyone who can copy and monetize my projects to have “free” access to my project files.

So, just to be aware of before creating any project, are files created with a free non-comercial-use kept private?

Thanks for your time and support.

AFAIK, yes. They are by default saved to your personal Trimble Connect account and are not accessible by others unless you share them.

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If that is the case, you would have been informed about that somewhere along the road…

Dear Anssi,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer.

Yes, I do believe this should be the default behavior, but I haven’t found any explicit information that keeps this clear. At least not in human language, hahahah.

Once again, thanks for your time and help.

Best regards from Barcelona,

Dear tweenulzeven,

Yup, that would have been pretty nice, but I haven’t found any explicit information either confirming or denying this. So, hence my concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Best regards from Barcelona,

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